Sharing Truth with a Message Believer Part 3

Questions/facts about Branham/the message: Touching the surface of 4 categories to start; prophesies, honesty, signs, healings, and doctrines. Prophesies Read Duet 18:20-22. If Branham had any prophecies that did not happen, would that make him a false prophet? …Have you ever thought to fact check the prophecies you’ve heard of happening? Municipal bridge vision: Podcast: […]

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Sharing Truth with a Message Believer Part 2

Some great questions to get started: Read 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Proverbs 30:5, and Isaiah 40:8. Where is your standard of truth… Is it the Bible? Read 1 John 4, 1 Thessalonians 5:21, Acts 17:10-11, 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 and Revelation 2:2: Shouldn’t we put Branham under the test? If not, why? Hypothetically, If the Bible said […]

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Sharing Truth with a Message Believer Part 1

I recently shared a series on my YouTube channel to help those with loved ones in the Message cult, otherwise known as Branhamism. As with starting any difficult conversation, how you navigate the conversation depends on your relationship with the person and their level of emotional intelligence.  A few general things to keep in mind: […]

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I will speak the truth

Illustrated picture by Charity Wottrich depicting a time that she had a panic attack after some particularly hard pushback in light of her upcoming book release.

In this blog post I reflect on writing my first book, “Where the Willow Weeps”, my story growing up in the cult of Branhamism (otherwise known as The Message) and how I found freedom in Christ. In this post I talk about some of the backlash I got in response to my memoir and my motivation for writing it in the first place.

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Why Church Going is all That

This Artists Life - Why Church Going is all That

Recently I’ve been overwhelmed and overjoyed even amidst my struggles adulting here in Texas, at the wonderful blessing of community that I have found. I realized recently how all of this came about… a huge part being the fact that I sought out a church immediately after moving to Austin six months ago, and made […]

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Dating Standards & How They Change

  “Your rules are ridiculous!” It was my second date with the charming personality, but something in his tone didn’t sound very charming. “Excuse me? You said you were good with my rules…?” Our first date had been lovely. I hadn’t been in the beautiful city of D.C.  for very long and I was feeling […]

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