Contact me

Below are 2 different email addresses you can contact me through. Other ways of contacting me include sending me a direct message on my InstagramFacebook page, or Etsy shop.

General email:
  • You would like to collaborate, through guest blogging, showcasing your work on my blog or Instagram, or other project.
  • You would like to commission me for a custom design, or artwork, whether physical, or digital.
  • You have an idea of a topic you’d be interested in me blogging about.
  • Other questions about products, services or content.
Book Specific email:


  • If you have questions about book content.
  • If you would like to bring a typo to my attention.
  • You would like for me to pray for you or your family.
  • You also want to share your story.
  • Other questions about my book.
If you’d like to be added to my (currently) inactive email list, let me know.




Charity Rissler