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What makes me more qualified to share my views with the world than an older, wiser blogger? Really, nothing. Sure, I have had a unique upbringing and trials different than many that have helped me shape my sometimes unique views, but everyone has had unique experiences. I just know that growing up I was ever so thankful for people out there who shared their struggles with the world, whether that be authors, bloggers, YouTubers, pastors or teachers – I admired the vulnerability and humility they displayed so that we could learn something from their experiences or from their walk with Christ.The purpose of this blog is to showcase my lifestyle, and ponder about life. My goal is to provide creative content for my readers, and to share how God has moved in my life.



I appreciate all the positive feedback and conversations This Artist’s Life posts have started so far. Thank you everyone for your support! 


This Artist's Life


This Artist's Life


My name is Charity Rissler, the writer of This Artist’s Life.

I’m an artist, entrepreneur, and Christian, from small town Pennsylvania, whose home is found in Austin, TX since July, 2018.

I grew up in a cult called “The Message” or “Brahmanism” and am now free as a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ.

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